I Live Stream

Here in this meander, picturesque elbow of stream is forever tripping over these rocks in its singular quest for descent. If salmon were more compliant they would be just water. The rocks in question - these rocks - unremarkable enough, unless their age and origin are considered, and, much like certain of their myriad peers, … Continue reading I Live Stream

The Middle of Nowhere is also somewhere

The roads soon became familiar, agitating the silted depths of memory. It all seemed shrunken now, as I fixed my eyes on the passing scrub and its punctuating brick buildings, barns, compounds, grading sheds. Do I remember that? Is this where it happened? I questioned the bush, which sat stoically beyond the glass, a silent … Continue reading The Middle of Nowhere is also somewhere

Congo Tina (ridearound)

Congo Tina (ridearound), 2020; J. Breadsticks, A. Nagram, S.P. Sartre. Digital photo-Zoomcollage. "I suppose we'd been trying to merge our forms for the best part of nine years," John said, reclining on a faux Ikea chaise longue, his hair toussled and feral cat's nest. "You could argue that our relationship was an artistic experiment in … Continue reading Congo Tina (ridearound)

#I am Spartacus on Thursdays

#Hands silently beat each other #Butterfly wings #Probably causing hurricanes in far-flung lands #My spoon entered the pan #And joined in stirring such cacophony #Briefly warm, then to congeal more #Gratitude! They die in they beds, oh #Gratitude! Iron lungs and rusted resolve, oh #Gratitude! My, what lively sweat forms upon your brow #Gratitude! Gloveless … Continue reading #I am Spartacus on Thursdays

Untitled (newspaper punch 1/)

Untitled (newspaper punch wolf suffragette penguin) mixed media collage, E. Easter & J. Breadsticks. "Easter would strike repeatedly strike the paper, or magazine, whatever was to hand. We'd invariably be laughing. He'd strike it until it split, and often it would part in the most miraculous lines. Borders suddenly drawn, as in colonial times. And … Continue reading Untitled (newspaper punch 1/)

12 easy ways How to sell money online fast and quick and easy (Top Yips)

Hey, you've tried inspirational quoting, and look where you got you. You're knee deep in cow dung and your rent is due tomorrow and you don't even have a hairdo. But don't reach for that suicide yet! Not before you've tried my totally unfailed system for making real money. Kids in your town have been … Continue reading 12 easy ways How to sell money online fast and quick and easy (Top Yips)