Time to time

I have discovered

(Much the modern explorer)

A land of Free Time

Mile upon mile of minutes, hours even, rolling like dales as far as the mind’s eye can see

Where thoughts run free as kiwi sheep, not a care in their hearts as they wander banter and mingle, not a predator in sight.

Thoughts manifest upon the plains, drawn forth to the open by the unencumberment that space quietly provides;

They coalesce, forming brilliant pillars and cathedrals of spontaneous genius, a welcome visit from the mediocrity of

Urban think

Where time drips hot through fine mesh, permitting only so much percolation

Before it has passed through forever and we are left

Unbrewed; unruminated; uninspired; ever busy constrained put upon.

This time-land I have discovered has but one flaw;

I should be sleeping.

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