Untitled (newspaper punch 1/)

IMG_20200513_002254Untitled (newspaper punch wolf suffragette penguin) mixed media collage, E. Easter & J. Breadsticks.

“Easter would strike repeatedly strike the paper, or magazine, whatever was to hand. We’d invariably be laughing. He’d strike it until it split, and often it would part in the most miraculous lines. Borders suddenly drawn, as in colonial times. And of course there’d be a reverse, a negative. Then it was just about matching the two up. Really the piece made itself. I just had to listen to how the cleaved aspects wanted to pair themselves. There was no art to it, just listening, waiting for the images to align, so that the proportions were apt. The subject matter was often irrelevant, but it tended to add its own dimension. Whimsy knocks. The dissonance in the marriages became its own kind of poetry. Like there was a third collaborator, who ever knew what she wanted. Chance, marinated and smouldering with absurdity, begs to show her beauty.” – John Breadsticks

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